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Rehoming your dog

Rehoming your dog

Not everyone will have a happy ever after with dogs, it can be because of various personal reasons or conditions but whatever it is, you can always seek help to surrender your dog THE RIGHT WAY. It may be a bittersweet moment for you to give them up but if you think it is the best for both you and your dog then it will end up to you giving him up. 

To some it might be a bad thing but there is no shame to it, it is actually better to give them up than to just leave them anywhere or just neglect them entirely. This article will help you through your rehoming process as it can be quite long but at the end of it, it is for the betterment of the dog.

Reasons for giving your dog up

Reasons for giving your dog up

  • Risk of your health

If you are experiencing difficulty in breathing or you are allergic to them despite having to clean up the fur and get machines to clean your environment and drink medicine for it, then maybe you can consider giving up your buddy for your convenience. 

  • Dog is misbehaving badly

A lot might tell you you can tolerate your dog’s behavior but this can still be a case to case basis. If your dog is still misbehaving even though you have brought them to a specialist then maybe the dog is not for you.

  • Two or more dogs in the house that are not getting along

There may be instances where having multiple dogs that constantly fights each other and has caused a lot of trouble to you or the people around you, that can ultimately lead to letting one of the dogs go. 

  • Your location or house doesn’t allow pets

Some residences or homes do not allow dogs in, so when moving, you can’t bring your dog with you. You will have no choice but to let your dog go and look for another home for them.

    • The dog is in great pain or really sick and needs to be laid down

Due to some unfortunate events, your dog might need to be laid down for being too sick or is in pain and the vet cannot do anything about it anymore. As long as the euthanasia is approved by your doctor, then this is something you should do.

Things to remember when rehoming your dog

Things to remember when rehoming your dog

  1. You should be sure when making this decision, there are no take-backs once a deal is done. If you are having second thoughts about giving your dog up and can work your way into making changes for your dog then you can always do that.
  2. If other people are shaming you for giving your dog up, do not mind them. If the above reason listed is something you are experiencing and cannot commit a good life for your dog then there is no problem giving them to somebody that can.
  3. Commit to this decision, rehoming might take a long time because of some certain processes of turning your dog over.
  4. Prepare every important document needed for this transaction, this may include your own documents or your dog’s documents (Medical papers or any certificates).

How to find a new home for your dog

How to find a new home for your dog

There is always a process to make sure you can rightfully turn over your dog to a new home where it will be taken care of. You have a lot of choices other than just disposing your dog anywhere, remember that you can be penalized for neglecting your pet. Dog pounds are also not advisable as it can end up really badly, here are some things you can do to give your dog up. 

  1. Asking friends or family – You can ask if your family or any close friends can keep your dog, make sure it is somebody you trust that can give the dogs needs. This can also be a good thing for you since you can also visit your dog from time to time.
  2. Seek help from rescue groups – There will always be non-profit organizations that will help you look for another person or family to foster or adopt and take care of your dog. Make sure that the organization you are proven to have handled dogs well.
  3. Find Dog shelters – Search for local dog shelters with proven reputation that can take in your dog. You can also ask your veterinarian for known shelters that can help you. You may screen these shelters and from there you can pick a place which you feel good about.
  4. Advertisement for dog adoption – You can post advertisements for an adoption anywhere, social media, flyers or even your local newspaper or radio. But with this type, you have to be more extensive when choosing the new home for your dog.

What to do when giving your dog up to other people

What to do when giving your dog up to other people

After finding your dog a new home, you have to prepare some things before you give them away. 

  • Dog grooming – This will always be important as this will reflect on you and your treatment to the dog.
  • Check-up with a veterinarian – This is needed if there are vaccinations or medications the dog needs to be given. The new owner should know about the dog’s medical conditions so that they could be ready in any case something happens.
  • Talk to the next owner about the next steps – To make sure about your dog’s safety, you can ask if the new owner can sign a contract to make sure the dog is in a good condition.
  • Spaying and Neutering – This is a viable option should the new owner approve of it, but if you are giving your dog up because of misbehavior, maybe this is an option you want to do.

Wrapping up

Rehoming is when you are incapable of keeping your dogs so you have to give them up to another person or to an establishment where they can look for a more capable owner. You have to remember that making this decision is never easy and you should not be ashamed of it because it will help both you and your pet. 

Never abandon your dog anywhere, whether they are sick or weak, never abandon them to just die anywhere. Give your dog a chance to live a happy life and look for an owner where they will have a better quality of life. 



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