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Grooming your dogs

31 Helpful know-hows when grooming your dog at home

If you want your dog as clean and fluffy as a cloud every time you cuddle with your pet then you have to know how to groom your dog. It might create a mess at first and it will take time for your dogs to get used to it but they will be accustomed to it in no time! 

Dr. Neil Marrinan of Old Lyme Veterinary Hospital in Old Lyme, CT said “Your dog trusts you completely with all the big decisions in her life. But, on the little things, she sure can have opinions, and those need to be addressed,” so when it comes to grooming, your dog will surely show you what is okay and what is not for them.

Taking a trip to your local dog groomer can be quite a hassle, especially at a time like this. There is nothing really wrong doing it yourself, so here are pointers that can help you how to groom your dog at home:

  1. Prepare the right tools for your dog (Nail clippers, towel, shampoo, comb, brush etc.)
  2. Also, prepare yourself financially, dog grooming tools and products can cost quite a bit. Specially when it comes to good quality products, keep that in mind!
  3. Make sure to know what procedures you need to remember when grooming, you can watch youtube videos about it or ask your pet’s Veterinarian to be sure
  4. Find a plentiful room where you can clean your dog that is safe for both you and your pet
  5. When it comes to grooming, don’t get all tensed up, your dog might sense you are
  6. Brushing:grooming your dogs
  7. A rubber brush can be used for short haired dogs and a longer, slicker brush can be used for dogs with thick coats
  8. Comb or brush your dog before you bathe them to remove those clumped up dirt and other stuff caught up in their fur
  9. A metal comb is used to untangle difficult knots, starting from the top to the back near the skin
  10. When stubborn dirt and other complications on the fur that combs or brushes can’t remove is present, you can always use electric clippers to remove it
  11. Clipping nails should be done every few weeks for dogs that constantly needs trimming but there will be dogs that doesn’t need it at all so be mindful of what works for your dog
  12. Styptic powder:Styptic Powder
  13. Hold your dog’s foot when clipping their nail and make sure you (and your pet’s paw) are positioned steadily to avoid accidents
  14. Nervous about clipping your dog’s nail? You can always use grinders or nail files
  15. Getting a good quality dog shampoo that is perfect for your dog (you can get a recommendation from your veterinarian)
  16. It is said that dog shampoos that contain Aloe Vera or Oatmeal can be used for dogs with sensitive skin
  17. Dilute the dog shampoo in water so that it will be easier to rinse off. Wash the remaining shampoo off thoroughly
  18. Bath brushes: Bath brush
  19. Be careful around the dog’s eyes when shampooing and rinsing
  20. Towels are very necessary in a dog bath, so have the right amount of towels ready, a few extra won’t be bad either
  21. You may dry your dog with just a towel or with a dryer specific to your dog or human hair dryer (set it to cool or no heat)
  22. You don’t have to clean your dog’s ears regularly. If their ears smell bad or are red because of itchiness and irritation, that’s the time you clean their ears. Consult your pet’s veterinarian if you notice some
  23. Otic solution is used to clean your dog’s ears, instructions on how to use it will vary for some products but most are just instructed to apply it on the ear and wipe off the excess solution using wipes or gauze pad
  24. Never use water and wipes to clean your dog’s ears, this might lead up to yeast or ear infections (read more about Yeast Infections in dogs here: Yeast Infection in Dogs)Yeast infection
  25. If you see any built-up dirt on your pet’s eyes, you can remove it using a cotton ball. Gently wipe it off in a downward direction.
  26. Get a Veterinarian recommended dog toothbrush and toothpaste
  27. Let your dog lick toothpaste so they will be familiar with it the next time you brush their teeth
  28. Flip your dog’s lips up and gently brush their teeth and gums for a few seconds
  29. If your dog’s coat needs clipping, get them a good quality electric clipper and blades
  30. Clipping isn’t always a need for some type of dogs, research about your dog’s breed first or consult your pet’s vet to be sure
  31. Always consider your dog’s temperature before and after the grooming procedure

Grooming may be hard but it is a vital part to your dog’s overall health and wellness, so take your time and learn as you go, allow yourself to make tiny mistakes on the way to it. Eventually you will get the hang of it. At the end of the day, you know what is better for your dog and what will make your dog happy.



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