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14 Best Dogs for an Apartment

14 Best Dogs for Apartment lifestyle

Just because you’re in an apartment, doesn’t mean you can’t keep a buddy with you! There will always be dogs who are comfy enough to live the apartment-lifestyle. These puppies are smaller in size and are more manageable in terms of maintenance such as shedding and are less likely to be noisy, keeping you on your neighbor’s good side.

With that said, we do have the perfect recommendation for you. Check out this list of dogs that are best for apartments:

  1. MalteseMaltese are quick learners, they adapt very easily into new environments and are good with children and toddlers. Their coats, despite it being long, actually don’t shed that much.Maltese

  2. Boston TerrierBoston Terriers usually are affectionate and gentle, they have a very high energy so you have to keep up with it.Boston Terrier

  3. PugPugs are naturally homebodies, they do crave for attention from time to time and you just have to take note of extreme temperatures.Pug

  4. English BulldogBulldogs are popular dog breeds for an apartment lifestyle, they are well-built for this living condition. They may have problems with their health problems, so keep an eye on that.English Bulldog

  5. DachshundDachshunds are incredibly smart dogs, they like being entertained and played with most of the time. Because of their small stature and weight, they are beloved pets by apartment owners.Dachshund

  6. Cardigan Welsh CorgiCardigan Welsh Corgis are the friendly watchdogs of the apartment, they will have to socialize if you want them to be more friendly with other people and dogs.Cardigan Welsh Corgi

  7. Cocker spanielCocker Spaniels are known for having an active lifestyle, they are gentle and loving to their owners. They are excellent therapy dogs, they are quiet too.Cocker spaniel

  8. Bichon FriseBichon Frise are the perfect pets for most owners that are allergic to fur. They are also playful and crave attention so much so be ready with that.Bichon Frise

  9. French BulldogFrench Bulldogs are just as lazy as much as they are playful which makes them the perfect apartment buddy for anybody.French Bulldog

  10. Cavalier King Charles SpanielCavalier King Charles Spaniels are very athletic, be ready for constant walks with this pet. They are naturally a social butterfly so you won’t have problems having guests over or meeting strangers on your walks.Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  11. GreyhoundGreyhounds, although known to be a sprinter, can actually lounge around cramped space. They are also good with people and other dogs, just be prepared to take them to parks for a quick run.Greyhound

  12. Yorkshire TerrierYorkshire Terriers are a known family dog, they are very affectionate and low maintenance. They can be a bit anti-social so with a few socializing training everything will be fine.Yorkshire Terrier

  13. BasenjiBasenji are known to have a cat-like personality but they are loyal and playful. They are active and might require more dog training than other dogs on the list.Basenji

  14. Shih TzuShih Tzus are known to be lap dogs, they are very laid back and friendly, making them good with kids, elderly and even other dogs. You might have to pay attention to their coats more often.Shih Tzu

These little balls of sunshine will surely light up your apartment more than ever. Remember to take note of your dog’s unique traits and conditions when taking care of them. Hopefully you have considered adopting dogs and giving them their forever home, they will surely give back all the love you’ve given them!



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