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What Our Audience Say...

”Very informative about questions that I have about medical condition of my dog. You guys help me decide if I should go see a Vet, or even helps in expanding my knowledge of some conditions my dog has seen a Vet for."​
Carolyn A.
”Reliable source of information for a variety of dog health related topics. I have used this website many times to investigate what my dog may be experiencing. Kudos for your work. I will keep checking out latest updates from you.”
Jason P.
”I love this website. When you need advice in a pinch and vets are unavailable, you will find help here. It has terrific advice and guidance for raising dogs. I love the podcasts as well. Thanks for sharing so much information with us.”
Judith M.

How We Can Help You

In a world that gives people access to information with just a simple click, it is crucial that the information provided regarding a pet’s well-being is accurate. We know how painful it can be to see your dog unhappy or ill, especially when you have difficulty finding the right information to help. In some cases, you may end up calling another dog owner just to have an idea of what is going on. In short, misinformation and a lack of the right expertise makes our dogs suffer more than we know.  

Who Goes the Extra Mile for Your Dog? Well We Do.

“Bark for More” is comprised of a qualified team that is equipped with the expertise required to address your dog’s health concerns. The information provided here is vetted by our researchers and technicians. We are taking a step further by raising awareness about their allergies, diet, health and holistic lifestyle. 

Many dog enthusiasts tend to overspend on finding the right products for their pets because of their inadequate knowledge about canine-related issues. Similarly, many new dog owners may not be aware of various holistic solutions that can bring a lot of relief to their canine friend. These are some of the things that our team have observed and that is why we took it upon ourselves to go above and beyond for your dog by providing essential knowledge and awareness. 

Mission Statement

Our vision at “Bark for More” is a world in which we are your one-stop source for any canine-related issues or concerns that can be resolved in a holistic way. We will always strive to establish ourselves as the most reliable and well-reputed brand for the dog-loving community.

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